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innocent until proven guilty

that's the anthem get your damn hands up

27 July
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It's the Henny with the J.
a.i.'s bad ass attitude, alize, alternative sentencing, basketball, beer, being late, big dogs, big muddy river, blunts, bologna sandwiches and oranges, boolu master, chicago state university, contraband, controlled substances, cook county, cracked tail lights, d.o.c., d.w.b., dancing all night, dee brown, defenses, dj lil john, doggy fizzle televizzle, doritos, driving around, drumming, electronic home monitoring, evidence, felonies, flinging poo, flip flops, getting letters, getting pulled over, girls in heels, girls in sunglasses, girls with expensive handbags, good time, graffiti as art, h.c., having an attorney, henny, hip hop, house arrest, house parties, i didn't do it, inmates, it's not my car, jail, jazz, judge doyle, jurisprudence, kane county, kanye west, laissez faire economics, law & disorder, medical marijuana, mixing records, my cutlass supreme, objecting to shit, old school booty house, orange jumpsuits, pleading not guilty, poop on a stick, posting bond, power 92, prison, proviso east high school, public defenders, r&b, racial disparity in sentencing, rap, reading the statutes, red dog, red pop, remaining silent, riding the el, rollin', seeing my p.o., shanks, showtime at the apollo, slick's lounge, sophisticated women, squashing warrants, super bowl in maywood, tabbies, tagging, talking shit, tha contenda, the a-town stomp, the audy home, the bulls, the chi, the criminal code, the d, the de-troit pistons, the dozens, the green line, the prop house, the supreme court, they're not my pants, throwin' it down, trustees, unlawful possession, unreasonable searches & shit, upsmv, violating probation, visiting friends in a-town, west side, wgci, women, work release